Monday, August 28, 2006

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"Hello Jenny" he said as he looked over to Jim's mother.

"Carrie, come here." She hadn't moved far away when her confession had been completed, but she looked at me like she was ready to bolt. "CARRIE, come here!" Not only did she jump when I raised my voice the other women did also. I figured it was time I took control. I kept my eyes on Carrie as she walked over to stand in front of me. "Well, the first question I have is why didn't you just tell me you wanted to make love to me."

You don't know how bad it was, she thought, and nearly wept at discovering that she was not sandwiched between her husband and his best friend, that her openings were not filled with the dicks of two men she loved--but she was more than ready for the one sleeping next to her.

He told me his name was Ted and that he was a wine salesman on his way home. I told him that I loved wine and began discussing the various wines we both liked. We pulled off the interstate and he said I could phone from his house, which was just a few blocks away.

She turned to look at him as he slid into the driver’s side of the car, his blue eyes glinting almost devilishly as he reached across her to lock her door, his hand sliding over her breasts as he straightened back up in his seat, deftly undoing the top button of her blouse before starting the car. Cindy’s eyes widened, unsure exactly how to respond. A part of her screamed to jump out of the car before it was too late. Another part of her was aroused at the control he assumed the moment they met. She could feel a familiar tingling spreading through her loins, firing the blush that kissed her cheeks as straight white teeth toyed with her lower lip. Tye’s hand reached over to slide beneath her long hair to the back of her neck after starting the car and forcefully pulled her to him, his raping kiss taking her breath away. Cindy’s hands pushed at him futilely even as her heartbeat raced uncontrollably. Her blush deepened as he pulled away and noticed the tell-tale reacting of her hardened nipples beneath her blouse, a hint of cleavage now showing as Tye grinning, beginning to back out of the parking lot. “We are going to have a lot of fun today. I can tell.”

Then, one day just as my training neared its end, Tim chained me standing spread eagled across the kitchen doorway. He stood in front of me and slid his cock to the hilt into my cunt. He had often fucked me in the doorway, but always as a test to see if I could stand firm and motionless while he masturbated himself in and out of my pussy. If I moved the least bit, he would stop and give my breasts a taste of the cane before starting over. This time, however, he just stood there, all the way inside me, pressing himself firmly against my belly, his cock pulsing but otherwise motionless. He pinched my nipples with his fingers and squeezed each breast while I waited patiently for him to begin, but he refused to move.

"It's exactly what Nicholas would expect us to do. Think about it. He left her here for over three months, just enough time for us to get comfortable, form attachments and let our guard down. He's expecting us to come running all the while thinking he only has three or four men with him. But what if he's put together a new pack in the mean time. There have been rumors that some of the renegades are banding together to form their own pack. It would be just like Nicholas to label himself leader of such a group." Nafarius started pacing. He needed to think things through. He wanted to see Nicholas destroyed once and for all this time but he wasn't willing to risk his entire pack to accomplish it.

Jenny had looked up sharply at the name Philips, but that had happened on a few other occasions since Philips was not an uncommon name, but the other two men were talking partially turned away from her.

"Baby — the way you gals look I'd take you out to dinner, dancing or the theater, all three if I can last that long!"

"Ok girl, so now we have to go shopping!" she bubbled.

"Hey baby, ready for the ride of your life?" She raised up slightly, positioning his piston at her hole and sliding down his pole until she felt his pubes. She moved against him, gyrating, rolling her hips and making him moan uncontrollably. He came again into her hot pussy. She laughed, dropping next to him on the bed and enveloping his dick with her mouth. He watched this beautiful brown-skinned girl suck his member clean and was aroused yet again. He pinned her to the bed and ate her again, this time using the silver sheath that he got from the closet. In and out he moved the vibrator while sucking her clit.

"Joy, I'm not going to just dump you out on the street. It's late, and it's snowing outside."

I said "Thanks Heena! Sorry if I have hurt you before! I think you a very sexy woman and wanted to be close to you that way too!" She said "Its alright! I was in shock to know my son lusted for me and you let me know that in a violent way" She continued "It was only yesterday I figured I will take our relationship to new heights! I felt very lonely! I realised I will be like that forever if I donot do something! Eventhough it was wierd for me to know that you are lusting for me I finally could accept it as an another form of love towards me! I even felt proud that I am turning you on! Thats why I decided I will let you have my body! You already raped me and entered me where you are forbidden to enter! I have lost my sheel (chastity) by you and I have nothing more to loose! If I accept the situation I will be gaining than loosing! Thats why I proposed!" I said "Heena, my beloved, I am happy for your proposal and I am also sorry I had to take you through the rape ordeal! I did not mean to hurt you!" Mom said smiling "I know you didn't! Thats why I arranged this first night" and kissed me on the lips as I reciprocated. After the kiss she said "Do you know I am wearing the same saree in which I married your father? We also had our first night in the same saree too!" I was so excited as I looked at her saree. "You mean you are wearing the same saree my father fucked you the first time?"

She stared grinding herself into my face and I watched a very close up view of her spreading her lips and rubbing her clit as I snaked my tongue in, out, and around her pussy. I also watched as another pair of hands began to massage her tits, pinching her nipples. She had me trapped between her legs, straddling and grinding her pussy onto my face, as the hands I saw were joined by a huge black cock being pushed between her lips. She could not take all of him in, but I enjoyed watching her try. When she realized she had all of him that she could take, she began to move her lips up and down his shaft, sucking in time with the grinding she was doing to my face. I also began to sense someone lowering themselves onto my shaft. The legs straddling my hips, and the heat from the hole I was about to enter. I could also see the legs of the black man straddling my head as he began to fuck her mouth, more and more of him disappearing inside her mouth with every thrust, until he was completely buried inside her mouth. She grabbed his ass, holding him in place and began to buck violently against my mouth. Her juices flowed steadily into my mouth as he began to fuck her mouth again.

Over the next few hours, I got the whole story. Brian’s wife had been having an affair off and on since they had started dating in high school. She was pregnant and wanted to marry the baby’s father. When I asked why she thought Brian wasn’t the father, he told me he and his wife hadn’t slept together that often recently and when they did, she made him use a condom. He was devastated; he really wanted to be a daddy. When he found out she was pregnant, he thought he was the father and so happy about it. But he wasn’t and she had had the blood work done to prove it. He was so devastated that he started crying again. He was a weepy drunk.

"Wait here a second," she urged and ran out of the room. She returned a moment later with an armload of shampoo and assorted toiletries, and dumped them into one of the suitcases.

We lie together, Mom in my arms, her head on my chest. I was surprised and happy when, a few minutes later, her hand slipped down my body to where my soft dick lay nestled in its curly pubic hair. She stroked my limp organ.

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